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CAD Work

Looking for a CAD work? We can be your one stop shop.

How to start?

To start the process simply email us and tell about your project. 

Things to include in your email:

1. Briefly describe your project and what you're looking to get (floor plans and/or elevations, furniture layout)

2. Provide a list of spaces you'd like to get drafted

3. Sketch or photos with dimensions

4. Specify the deadline if it's already set up

5. If you have a certain format and style of your drawings please send us PDF or DWG files of your previous projects as an example so we can match them


We charge $49 per hour for all CAD work. Once we get the brief you'll get an estimated amount of hours that it will take.

Normally it takes 1-2 hours per floor plan/elevation. Please note that the amount of hours may vary depending on how detailed the drawings should be.

Colleen and Mike Phelan-Floor Plans-3.jpg
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