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Let's start!

Interior Rendering

You're almost there! Before we push the "magic button" and start rendering we need just a few things from you:

1. Drawings
Floor plans and elevations or a 3D model

It could be a DWG, PDF, JPEG or even a hand sketch file format. Whatever you have it will work as long as it includes the main dimensions of your project.

2. Finishes and Furniture Selection

Every material and item you would liket to see on the renderings needs a reference.

We don't want you to spend any extra time to put it all in a certain format so we appreciate any way of presentation in your own style.

Here is just a few ideas how to do it:

1. Collages

2. List of links on a manufacture's website

3. Pinterest Board

4. Ivy Product List

3. Additional Information

In order to provide the best service in a short timeline we want to make sure that we know every  detail such as:

1. Your deadline

2. What package works best  for you

3. How many views you need for each room

4. Any special requests

Ready to start? Just put everything together and send us by email or upload your files in a DropBox folder - whatever you prefer and feel comfortable with!

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